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about the writer:

I get tingly feeling in my heart by writing the writer. I've always want to be a writer since I learnt to read.

Hello! I'm Afifah Nabila. People call me Pypaa, or Nabila. A 16-year-old Gryffindor witch, and an avid reader. I've always been passionate about fictional worlds and I zone out at random times.

I love music too (that includes writing too, right?). Sometimes I bake, and I journal a lot of things that happen in my life. Binge watching tv series and k-dramas is one of the way for me to escape the reality. I'm eager on escaping my reality because my own reality sometimes bore me.

Please note that I'm still young and have a lot to learn, so my writing skill isn't that good. I'm working on it. Do point out any mistakes that I made so I can learn.

about the blog:

Created on December 2014, solely for personal purpose. At first, most of the posts in this blog are me ranting about how my life sucks or what makes it good sometimes *cough* teenage angst *cough*. As I grow up, the content in this blog become way mature and I'll always keep looking forward to make it better. The blog template was designed by Fearne.

some words:

Normality is a paved road. It's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it.

-Vincent Van Gogh 

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